Dua to Bring Husband and Wife Closer and Increase Love

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Dua to bring husband and wife closer: To make a good relationship between husband and wife, love, understanding, giving time, respect, and trust are so important to living a happy life. If you have these factors, then you are the happiest person in the world.

Now let us talk about the opposite of that: if both the husband and wife don’t have a good relationship. Then both live their lives as hell, and both are not happy. As we all know, misunderstandings and disputes are very common nowadays. If they always fight with each other, they will also destroy the peace at home.

In a happy family, if one of the members makes a mistake, the other will tell him or her and give the best advice to him or her if the husband is making any mistakes. Then it is the responsibility of a wife to advise her husband. Similarly, if the wife makes any mistake, it is the husband’s responsibility to talk to her and give her the best advice possible.

But if your husband or wife is not listening to you, then you can put this thing on the Almighty Allah. And make the dua to bring husband and wife closer. With the help of this powerful dua, you will get some benefits.

Dua to Bring Husband and Wife Together

You know, my brothers and sisters, the dua is that weapon that can be the predominant response to every issue. This is the only dua that can modify our fulfillment with the help of the Almighty Allah. Now, here I am going to tell you the most powerful dua to bring husband and wife together.

dua to bring husband closer and increase in love
dua to bring husband closer and increase in love

The procedure for this powerful dua to bring husband and wife closer is given below:

  1. Make wudu and wear neat and clean clothes, and then offer all five Salahs in a day.
  2. You can offer this dua on any day or at any time.
  3. Make the Wudu with clean water and offer the Chashat Namaz.
  4. After offering the namaz, recite Durood Sharif 11 times at the beginning of performing this wazifa.
  5. Now, in the next step, you have to read 100 times the following dua ya wasiu jalla jalaluhu:

“Bismillahi Alwasao Jallah Jalaluhoo”

  1. After reading that powerful Dua bismillahil wasiu jalla jalaluhu 100 times, you now have to read Durood Sharif 11 times in the end as well. And hence, as a result of this, in Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help you.

Dua to Increase love between husband and wife

There are various types of duas for many purposes, like for lovers, to bring husband-wife lost love back, or to bring love between husband and wife. A husband-wife couple needs Dua to keep their relationship strong. They just want to live their life with joy and happiness. But sometimes they lose their relationship because of some problems in their lives.

Various types of people just read it like a chapter for a specific period. They thought they would have a trouble-free life. But, my brothers and sisters, difficulty occurs when you find the right wazifas. Otherwise, it will have negative effects on people. So beware of that.

Our knowledgeable Molvi Sahib is offering this potent dua to foster love between husband and wife. Not everyone can offer these types of duas. They don’t have enough knowledge to produce such duas, but only an experienced Molvi Sahib can. Now let us know about the dua to bring husband and wife closer.


The process of dua to bring love between husband and wife is given step by step:-

  1. First of all, make wudu and perform this only on Thursday.
  2. On Thursday night, wake up in the middle of the night and then pray a Tahajjud prayer of two Raqat Nafil.
  3. After that, take a piece of paper and write the following lines:

فَإِن تَوَلَّوْاْ فَقُلْ حَسْبِيَ اللّهُ لا إِلَـهَ  إِلاَّ هُوَ عَلَيْهِ

تَوَكَّلْتُ وَهُوَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْعَظِيمِ

  1. Recite these lines 30 times. Each time you chat, recite the below dua to reunite husband and wife.

If you want to know the meaning of bismillahi alwasao jalla jalaluhu meaning, then its meaning is very nice.

Allahumma Atiffu Qalba [name of your beloved one] Binti [the name of your beloved one’s mother’s name] ala [the name of your beloved one’s father’s name]

Make a dua to Allah that increases the love between husband and wife. In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will hear your dua and create love between you and your husband or wife. Also, contact our Mufti Sahab now, and in Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help you.

Dua for love between husband and wife

Here is a commonly recited dua for husband and wife (prayer) for love and harmony between husband and wife in Islam:

“Allahumma salli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa ‘ala aali Sayyidina Muhammadin, wa sallim tasleema, bismillahi al wasi jalla jalaluhu.”

Translation: “O Allah, send peace and blessings upon our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad.”

There are so many bismillahi al wasi jalla jalaluhu benefits if you recite this in the right way.

This prayer invokes the blessings of Allah upon the Prophet Muhammad and his family, as the Prophet’s relationship with his wife Aisha serves as a model of love, care, respect, and companionship for all Muslim couples. By invoking the blessings of the Prophet, the person making the dua is asking for Allah’s guidance and support in their relationship.

In addition to making this dua, it is also recommended to follow the teachings of Islam, to show kindness and respect towards one’s spouse, and to work on improving communication and understanding in the relationship. By doing this, a couple can build a strong, loving, caring, and peaceful relationship based on mutual respect, kindness, and obedience to Allah.

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