Hasbunallah Wanikmal Wakil Wazifa for Halal Rizq, Love Marriage

Hasbunallah Wanikmal Wakil Wazifa

Hasbunallah Wanikmal Wakil Wazifa: Seeking comfort and guidance from a higher power can be highly comforting during times of difficulty, worry, tension, or confusion. Many people look to their faith and spirituality as sources of endurance and strength. A common practice is the chanting of the powerful prayer, “Hasbunallah Wanikmal Wakil.” This wazifa, which has … Read more

Dua for Winning Court Case & Solve Your Case (100% Effective)

dua for winning court case

Dua for Winning Court Case: Allah is the most beneficial and merciful, and he always helps his creatures in difficult situations. During their whole lives, humans face problems not only from their relatives and work but sometimes from the system as well. If humans face these problems with patience, Allah name to win court case … Read more

Dua For Beautiful Baby During Pregnancy

Dua For Beautiful Baby During Pregnancy

Dua For Beautiful Baby: Pregnancy is a wonderful period of every woman’s life. After hearing the news, every woman’s life revolves around the coming baby, and she is very concerned about it. Every woman wants her baby to be healthy and beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you have a girl or boy; it should be … Read more

Dua for Better Understanding between Husband and Wife (100% Effective)

Dua for Better Understanding between Husband and Wife

Assalamualaikum, brothers and sisters. Here is a very easy dua for better understanding between husband and wife. Understanding is very important in a mutual relationship, and we can’t neglect the importance of dua for understanding in marriage life. When we talk about the word “understanding,” the first thing that comes to mind is respect and … Read more

Dua for Controlling Husband in Quran

Dua for Controlling husband

Dua for Controlling husbands: It doesn’t matter that your husband’s behavior is so rude, that he doesn’t like you, or that he’s an angry type of person. Have you ever thought about why your husband is like that? I mean, why is your husband always in a bad mood? Why is he not giving you … Read more

Dua for Getting a Good Life Partner or Spouse

getting good life partner dua

Dua for getting good life partner: Assalamualaikum, brothers, and sisters! Bismillah, Hirrahma Nirrahim. If you need a good life partner, then you’ve come to the right place. Here in this article, we will tell you the dua for a good life partner with the help of this dua. You will easily find a good life … Read more

Dua to Fix a Broken Relationship

fix relationship dua

Dua to fix relationship: Assalamualaikum, brothers and sisters! Bismillah Hirrahma Nirrahim, dua to fix relationship helps those couples who are facing love problems. When you love someone deeply from the bottom of your heart and you want to spend your whole life with him or her, every time you want to talk with your lover, … Read more

Dua Wazifa to Win Court Case

Dua for winning a court case: Assalamualaikum, brothers and sisters. Are you that man or woman who has faced court cases so many times? But after facing them so many times, you still don’t get any benefits or the best results from the court’s judges. And now you are looking for ways as well as … Read more

Dua to Become Rich and Famous in One Night


Dua to become rich and famous: Everyone wants to become rich and famous in life, but only a few can do it, and most people can’t. If you are one of those who wants to become rich and live their life the right way, this article is for you. If you want to change your … Read more

Dua to Make Enemy Your Friend or Silent

dua to make enemy your friend

Dua for a friend: Have you ever had a true or faithful friend with whom you spent a lot of time and who you both adored? But due to some of the reasons and the problems, you and your friend fought. And now he or she is your enemy, but you are missing him or … Read more

Dua for Getting Pregnant Soon and Miscarriage Protection


Dua for Getting Pregnant: Bismillah Hirrahma nir Rahim, my brothers and sisters. I have seen lots of people in my life who either love marriage or arrange marriages. The issue arises when they do not have a child in their married relationship. We all know that the baby plays an important role in every husband … Read more

Kisi ki Shadi Rokne ka Wazifa, Dua and Amal

Shadi ko Rokene ka Wazifa

Wazifa for Shadi: Assalamualaikum, my sweet brothers and sisters! May the Almighty Allah SWT help us all and give his blessings to us. Bismillah Hirrahmaa Nirrahim. This important article is about how to stop someone’s marriage. Sometimes in our lives, we marry someone we don’t want to marry. But that girl or boy is good … Read more

Shohar ko Sirf Apna Banane Ki Dua and Wazifa

shohar ko sirf apna banane ki dua, wazifa

Husband ko apna banane ki dua: Assalamualaikum, brothers and sisters! Bismillah, Hirrahma Nirrahim. Let us start our main article. Shohar ko sirf Apne Banane ki Dua Today, in this world, every wife wants to live or spend her whole life with her husband forever. But in most cases, the husband doesn’t take care of his … Read more

Dua, Wazifa For One Sided Love

dua, wazifa for one sided love

What Islam says about one sided love: Assalamualaikum, brothers and sisters! Bismillah, Hirrahma Nirrahim. If you love someone and your love is one-sided, then you are in the right place. Because here in this article, I will tell you the dua to one-sided love with the help of this dua. You will easily make someone … Read more