Dua Wazifa For Marriage Proposal and Acceptance

dua wazifa for marriage proposal
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Sometimes in life when you want or try to marry your son or daughter not only son or daughter. But also for you to the person who is suitable for your son or daughter or for yourself.

You are not getting the marriage proposal from that person’s family or from that person. As a result of this, you need a Dua or Wazifa. Which will help you to get the marriage proposal from that person’s family or from that person.

There are various Duas and Wazifas available in the holy book Quran. The dua which are discussing is also one of them.

Dua for Marriage Proposal Acceptance

Here I am going to tell you the most powerful and strongest dua for marriage proposal acceptance. You just have to follow the simple steps or instructions as written below.

dua wazifa for marriage proposal

How to perform this marriage problem acceptance dua with procedure is here:-

  1. This procedure should be followed by anyone whether he is a boy or she is a girl I mean anyone can do this.
  2. First of all, take a bath and after that do wudu. You have to perform this procedure after freeing from the twilight i,e just after the Maghrib prayers.
  3. You have to sit in a lonely and peaceful place dear no one can disturb you.
  4. When the Maghrib Namaz is over sit on the prayer rug. Then start reciting ‘Ya ‘Aliyyu‘ 2970 times.
  5. After this make a situation dua for your purpose of Marriage Relationship’s Proposal. Perform this exactly in the same manner for 40 days continuously without skipping any particular single day except for the females.
  6. Important note for females, this procedure will become for 47 days including 7 days of menses/periods.
  7. And In Sha ALLAH you will get a very good matrimonial relationship proposal, Ameen, Summa Ameen.
  8. And if you will get such a proposal then also finish this. This will also help you to get married to your beloved one.

Wazifa for Desired Marriage Proposal Quick

Are you trying hard for getting a good marriage proposal fast and desired proposal? If you are not getting that kind of proposal then use this marriage proposal wazifa. This wazifa will make everything easy for you.

My brothers and sisters Don’t give up because it’s time to wake up now!!

Even if it seems difficult to you or you just think that it is difficult to find a good matrimonial relationship’s proposals. This wazifa ‘wazifa for quick marriage proposal or wazifa for desired proposal’ will In Sha Allah. Allah will help you to get a proposal for your marriage as soon as possible.

And not only you will get the proposal for marriage but also it will help you to get married to the same spouse who has sent you that proposal. The good thing about this Wazifa is that this Wazifa will work in both Muslim love marriages and Muslim arrange marriages.

So my brothers and sisters don’t waste any more time let us know about this wazifa “wazifa for quick marriage proposal or wazifa for desired proposal“.

Here you have to follow these simple steps:-

  1. You have to perform this Wazifa on any day or at any time.
  2. After doing this Wazifa, first of all, take bath and do the perfect Wudu.
  3. Put a little bit Kohl, I mean Kajol in your eyes.
  4. But after applying the Kohl in your eyes, you have to recite the Surah Fatiha 21 times and blow on that Kohl.
  5. After that, make a Dua for that person whom you are going to marry or whom you want to do the marriage.
  6. Do this every day and Inshallah Allah will help you and on that basis In Sha ALLAH Allah will grant you the best thing which will help you in doing wazifa for quick marriage proposal or wazifa for desired proposal as per your premises.

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