Shohar ko Sirf Apna Banane Ki Dua and Wazifa

shohar ko sirf apna banane ki dua, wazifa
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Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! Bismillah Hirrahma Nirrahim.

Today in this world every wife wants to live or spent her whole life with her husband. But in most of the cases, husband doesn’t take care of his wife and doesn’t understand what her wife wants. Because due to some of the reason that a husband busy with his business or he’s busy with his problems. You don’t know why your husband is doing this and what is the problem of your husband is having right now.

  • First, you have to know all about these things and what is the problem and what will be the solution.
  • After that, you have to tell all these things to your husband and give your advice to your husband.
  • And if the husband does not give his time to wife then sometimes this thing will end with the talaq.
  • And we all know that the talaq is not the end of the relationship (husband, wife) but sometimes it happens.
  • If you’re that type of wife who wants the love of her husband and wants to keep her husband happy.
  • You have to first offer 5 Namaz in a day because Namaz is the only solution of all the problems.
  • And Namaz is the key to success, so my sisters you have to make the dua for your husband first.
  • And there are lots of Dua in the holy book Quran that our Almighty Allah SWT told us in Quran.

So here in this article, we will tell you the Shohar ko Sirf Apna Banane Ki Dua.

Husband ko sirf apna banane ka wazifa

If you want to make your husband loyal in your relationship then you have to follow this most powerful wazifa. This is the most powerful and the strongest wazifa for a Husband ko sirf apna banane ka wazifa. If you will apply this wazifa for Husband ko sirf apna banane ka wazifa in a correct way. Then In Sha Allah, our Almighty Allah SWT will make your husband loyal in your husband and wife relationship.

And after applying this most powerful Wazifa, you can live your life with fully enjoy and happiness. After applying this powerful and strongest wazifa your husband will become mad in yourself. This powerful and strongest Wazifa will solve all the problems of your husband’s life and also make him yours. Even if your husband starts fighting with a little bit talk in then after that your husband will love you.

We have seen in our life that every husband does not give his time to his wife. This is also one of the most popular reasons for the divorce or the talaq. But my sisters, after applying this Wazifa your husband will give his time to you as well as his business.

Here is the wazifa for Husband ko sirf apna banane ka wazifa:

  1. You have to perform this Wazifa after offering the Fajar Namaz.
  2. Now you have to recite the Surah Naziyat ayat number 19 for 101 times.
  3. After that you have to blow this into the glass of water and then give it to your husband.
  4. You just have to remember one thing while doing this, you have to concentrate all the bad things about your husband.
  5. After that you have to make the dua and ask the help from The Almighty Allah SWT.

You have to do this daily and stop it after realizing some of the difference in your husband.

Shohar ko sirf apna banana

Most of the time when a husband doesn’t give time to wife then wife think that is this my fault. Why my husband doesn’t give his time to me is there any fault of me or there is another thing. Is my husband dating someone else or he is busy with someone? But my sisters don’t think negative because maybe your husband is busy with some problem. Now you are the wife of him so ask him what is the problem and if he will tell you all the problem. Then it’s ok but if he will not saying anything to you then really there will be a problem. You also take help from the Almighty Allah SWT because he knows everything about yourself.

You also have to perform the Dua and dua and here is the Dua:-

“Waaa Alfaaa Bainaaa Quulubihiimm

Lauu Anfaqtaaa Maaa Feii Alarzuu

Jamii Ammaaa Allaftaaa Bainaaa Qulubiihimm Waa Lkinnaa

Allahuu Alfaaa BainaaHuumm Innaahuuu Azizuuu Hakiimuuu

Asaa Allahuu Annyajj aalaa Bainakumm waa Baeinaa Alziinaa

Aadaitumm minhumm mawa datu

Wa Allahuuu Qadiiruu

Wa Allahuu Gafurr rrahiim”

Before this Dua, you have to offer 5 times Namaz in a day and also wake up in the mid night and offer Tahajjud. After completeing all the namaz then you have to recite this Dua.

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