Dua Wazifa to Make Someone Love You Again

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Dua to be loved and respected by everyone: Love is an amazing feeling that one gets from a partner. Defining love in words is a very difficult task. People who love someone can’t imagine their lives without each other. They always remember the special moments and wonderful times that they have spent with their loved ones.

If you also want to make your life more colorful, happy, and pleasurable, then you need a person who loves you. Either you have a life partner or you are in love with someone. In both cases, you want to make someone love you. Don’t worry; in Islam, there are so many dua, ya azizu for love, and wazfia, taweez to help you with your love problem.

Dua to Make Someone Love You

A dua is directly linked to Allah’s blessing. As we discussed in Islam, there are two solutions if you want to make someone love you. You just gave us a chance to @muslimistikhara to serve more gently and politely. We will surely help you by dua to make someone love you.

By applying this dua, your partner will surely come back and start loving you. As a result of this love dua, you will enjoy the rest of your life with him or her. This short istikhara dua is a powerful solution to one-sided love problems. This dua is so strong that, after applying it, no one can destroy your love life.

Dua Wazifa to Make Someone Love You Again

This dua helps create love in someone’s heart for you. That someone may be your lover, husband, or wife. This is an Islamic dua for love. This dua is one of the most powerful dua to make someone love you and be close to you. There are many domestic problems as well as external problems that emerge in life. But Allah has given us every solution in the Quran. Every solution is available for every problem and only needs research.

Here is that strong dua to make someone love you:

  • Go take a shower first and do proper Wudu.
  • After Wudu, Sit in a calm place where no one will disturb you

Read this given ya muqallibal qulub dua for love 303:-

Ya Wadudu Ya Raufu, Ya Raheemu

یم رح یا رؤوف یا ودود یا

After reading this, you just have to think of someone you love and then make a dua to Allah, and insha’Allah, Allah will listen to your dua and make that person part of your life.

Ya azizu for love

“Ya Azizu” is an Arabic phrase, which is translated as “O Powerful” or “O Strong One.” It’s one of the 99 names of Allah in Islam, and it’s believed that reciting it may help in seeking love, protection, and strength.

However, it’s important to note that reciting any name of Allah or any verses from the Quran should not be seen as a magic solution or a talisman but as a means of communication with Allah and asking for his help, guidance, and support.

It’s also important to remember that love is a complex phenomenon and that Allah’s help and guidance are sought for it, but it’s also important to make an effort and work on oneself and one’s relationships. It’s also important to seek love in a halal way by following the guidelines of the religion.

Wazifa to Create Love in Someone’s Heart

You can fill someone’s heart with love for you by using ya muqallibal qulub wazifa. Wazifa has the power to create love in someone’s heart and make him or her fall in love with you in a very short time. Wazifa to create love in someone’s heart can generate the vibration of love in someone’s heart. It is an incredible opportunity for those who adore someone and wish to spend their lives with him or her.

All people believe that love is blind and can’t be controlled. Only by pleading with Allah for someone can you stop this emotion. For most people, there is no meaning in life without love. because love gives positive energy to living and enjoying life. In life, there are so many problems that come, but you both can solve them happily when you are in love with someone. To make someone love you or to create love in someone’s heart you can use ya muqallib al quloob wazifa according to Islam.

It makes no difference why he or she left you, why he or she is unable to enter your life, or why he or she rejected you. After applying this wazifa, you can easily make him or her part of your life. This wazifa is so simple, and you just have to follow these simple tips.

Here is the wazifa to create love in someone’s heart and its steps:-

NOTE: You have to do this amal after ISHA’s NAMAZ and after FAZAR’s NAMAZ. Always perform this amal with wudu, and for this, sit on Massalla and turn yourself to Khana Khaba, and then think of that man or woman whom you want in your life. Now Come to these points, which are given below

  • Before Dua, you have to recite the Darood Shareef 11 times, and after that, you recite this Ayat 777 times, not less than 777 times, and keep that person in your mind and heart whom you want to bring back into your life.
  • Now, this Ayat is given as:

Innallaha Yusmaiu Mayash Ahu for 777 times

After reciting this, you just have to make dua, and In Sha Allah, Allah will help you and create love in the heart of that person. So don’t worry about this. You just have to recite this wazifa, and one day, in the name of Allah, he or she will fall in love with you again. We will also pray for that.

Surah to Make Someone Love You

Have you tried many ways to make someone love you but always failed? Instead of putting in several efforts, just try surah to make someone love you according to the Islamic process. Not only ancient people but also the modern generation are getting ya muqallibal qulub dua benefits of this Islamic surah.

Surah is used for so many problem solutions. In today’s society, everyone believes in love, so the ratio of love problems is higher than in other societies. Surah for love problems is one of the best methods. Implementing the Surah is not a difficult or long task. Reciting the verse that Maulana Ji provided will undoubtedly produce positive results.

There are lots of surahs available in the Quran, and all these surahs are beautiful and working. But here I am providing you with one of the best surahs.

Here, you have to follow some of these simple steps.

  • First, you have to take a bath and then do Wudu.
  • Now, after Isha Prayer, recite Darood Shareef 11 times and just think of that person for whom you want to love.
  • After this, you just have to recite SURAH HIJAR ayat number 47 101 times.
  • In last, recite again 11 Times Darood Shareef. In Sha Allah, you will get results in a few days.
  • Do this daily, and in Sha Allah, Allah will help you and bring that person back into your life. So don’t worry about this. You just have to recite this wazifa, and in Sha Allah, one day he or she will be back in your life.

So my brothers and sisters, here in this article I told you the ”Dua to make someone love you, the Wazifa to create love in someone’s heart, and the Surah to make someone love you,” and if you have any doubt, then comment on your query, and we will reply to your question as soon as possible.

Important Note Before Doing This – Must Read

You can also contact our Mufti Sahab to solve all the problems in your life.

Ya muqallib al quloob for love

Ya Muqallib Al Quloob is a powerful and revered name of Allah in Islam, often recited for its supposed ability to change hearts and attract love. The name is derived from the Arabic language, with “Ya” meaning “Oh,” “Muqallib” meaning “Turner” or “Changer,” and “Al Quloob” meaning “Hearts.” Together, the name is translated to mean “Oh, Turner of Hearts.”

Muslims believe that reciting Ya Muqallib Al Quloob with sincerity and devotion can help bring about a change in the hearts of those around them, making them more inclined to love and affection. This dua is said to be especially effective for attracting love and improving relationships with loved ones, be it family, friends, or romantic partners.

In addition to reciting the name, it is recommended to also perform good deeds and show compassion towards others, as this will increase the chances of attracting love and kindness. One should also maintain a positive attitude and focus on the good qualities of their loved ones, instead of dwelling on their faults.

It is also important to note that while Ya Muqallib Al Quloob is a powerful dua, it is not a guarantee of immediate results. Like all duas, it requires patience, devotion, and faith in Allah’s plan. The best way to attract love and improve relationships is by striving to be a good person and seeking Allah’s guidance in all aspects of life.

In conclusion, Ya Muqallib Al Quloob can be a powerful way to find love and improve relationships, but it should be said with sincerity, devotion, and faith in Allah’s plan. While it may bring about a change in the hearts of those around us, the ultimate decision lies in Allah’s hands, and we should always strive to be good and seek His guidance.

Dua to make a girl love you

There is no specific dua to make a girl love you, there are duas that can be recited to seek Allah’s blessings and guidance in matters of the heart. Here is a dua that can be recited:

“Allahumma inni as’aluka hubbaha wa hubba man yuhibbaha wa’l-‘amal alladhi yuballighuni ilayha”

This translates to:

“O Allah, I ask You for her love and the love of those who love her and the deeds that will bring me closer to her love.”

Reciting this powerful dua with sincerity and devotion is believed to bring blessings and guidance in matters of love and companionship. However, it is important to remember that true love and companionship are built on mutual respect, understanding, and effort. Seeking Allah’s guidance and blessings through dua can be a powerful tool, but it is also important to treat others with kindness and respect and make wise choices in matters of the heart.


Q. Which name of Allah to recite for love?

Ans. You can recite any of the names.

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