Powerful Wazifa for Job in Abroad and Promotion

powerful wazifa for job in abroad and promotion
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Assalamualaikum my dear brothers and sisters!

May Allah help us all and give his all blessings on ourself. Bismillah Hirrahmaa Nirrahim. You know my brothers and sisters, Islam is that religion which gave us everything. If we are emerging any types of problems in our life then the solution of that problem is in the Quran Paak.

You just have to search that solution in the Quran because Almighty Allah SWT tells everything in the Quran. Now let us move to our main topic Wazifa for Job. If you have done a great education and your marks are good as well as very good. But you are trying so hard to get the job but still you are not getting any types of job and you are jobless.

If you are jobless and you have no work to do and hence it makes you valueless in the society. As we all know that, if you are a jobless person then you have to depend on others. And for survival, you have to need the money but without having money, you will depend on others for money. Sometimes they often have to face disgrace in the eyes of whom you depend as well as in society.

And now it seems a difficult time for you as well as your family. But don’t worry my brothers and sisters, here is the best and powerful wazifa for job. We are giving you this wazifa and after applying this wazifa in a correct way. In Sha Allah you will get the job as soon as possible and if you want to know this wazifa.

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Here is the wazifa for job:

  1. First of all, you have to take the fast in every thursday.
  2. You have to offer all the 5 times Namaz in a day and after Isha Namaz ot Salah.
  3. You have to sit in the peace mind and recite the Durood Shareef for 100 times.
  4. After that, you have to recite the “Ya Wahhabu” for 1000 times continuously.
  5. After reciting Ya Wahhabu 1000 times, now you have to again recite the Durood Shareef for 100 times.
  6. You have to do this wazifa daily and continuously until you get the job.

In Sha Allah the Almighty Allah will provide you the job.

Wazifa for job in abroad

If you want to do the job in abroad then it is not an easy thing. But it is an easy thing when you will do this with the help of wazifa. This is also the most powerful and strongest and working wazifa for job in abroad. If you want to know this Wazifa for job in abroad then you are is in the right place. Because here in this article, we will tell you the 100% working and powerful Wazifa for the job in abroad.

powerful wazifa for job in abroad and promotion

Here is the Wazifa for job in abroad:

  1. Before doing or performing this wazifa, you have to perform this wazifa continuously and daily.
  2. Firstly, you have to do the wudu and then go to sleep.
  3. After that, you have to wake up in the mid-night and then do the wudu again.
  4. After the wudu, now you have to take the Tahajjud Namaz and before dua recite the Durood Shareef 11 times.
  5. After the Durood Shareef, you have to recite the Ya Sami’u for 180 times.
  6. After the Ya Smai’u, now you have to recite the Ya Wasi’u for 137 times.
  7. After the Ya Wasi’u, now you have to recite the Ya Razzaaqu for 308 times.
  8. After the Ya Razzaaqu, now again you have to recite the Darood Shareef for 11 times.

After this, you have to raise your hands and beg from the Almighty Allah for a help.

Powerful wazifa for job promotion

Sometimes in life, you gave everything to your company but still your boss doesn’t impress with you. He is not promoting you and hence as a result of this, you are very depress and is in tension. Now what to do my brothers and sisters, you have to take the help from the Wazifa. If you want to know this wazifa, then my dear brothers and sisters be on this article.

Because after applying this wazifa, your boss will get impress with you automatically. And hence after that, your boss will promoting you. If you want to know this wazifa, you have to perform that wazifa which we showed you in above. That wazifa “wazifa for job in abroad” will also work and after that raise your hand and beg for Allah.


Q. Which Dua is good for job?

Ans. We have given you the dua as well as job ka wazifa, and if you will perform it in the right way, then In Sha Allah, you will get benefits from it.

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