Kisi Ko Kabu Karne ka Amal, Dua and Wazifa

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Bhut sari situation esi hoti hai jinme apka control nahi hota or is wajah se wo apko nuksaan de sakti hai. Tab apko mahsoos hota hai ki kaash mere paas kisi ko kabu karne ka amal, dua ya wazifa hota. Ye apko jindgi me kisi mod par bhi lag sakta hai. Agar aap kisi se pyaar karte hai to apne khoye pyaar ko pane ke liye ya kisi ki ko apna diwana banane ke liye bhi aap iska use kar sakte ho.

kisi ko kabu karne ka amal
kisi ko kabu karne ka amal

You can easily control anyone once you have the kisi ko kabu karne ka amal. You just have to talk with Maulana Ji to know that amal, dua, or wazifa are according to that person’s name. All you have to do is say the name, and our Maulana Ji will take care of the rest. 

Kisi ko Kabu Karne ki Dua

Dua is the most powerful thing in the Islamic religion. It can’t fail. If you recite properly this “kisi ko kabu karne ki dua, then you will surely get the desired results. Before reciting kabu karne ki dua, you need to talk with Maulana Ji to know the feasibility of your case. Whether you are looking to cast this dua on your wife because of compatibility issues with her, you might be looking to cast this “kisi ko kabu mein karne ki dua” on your crush. Don’t worry, just enjoy the benefits of this kabu dua.

Here is that strong Kisi ko Kabu Karne ki dua:

Kisi ko apne kabu mein karna koi asan chiz nahi hai. Ab ham apko niche kisi ko kabu karne ka wazifa ke steps bta rahe hain apko un steps ko follow karna hoga In Sha Allah wo apki help krenge:

  • Sabse pehle ap naha kar wuzu bna li jiye.
  • Uske baad ache se kapde pehan kar mann lga kar Isha ki namaz padh lein aur dua se pehle 21 dafa Darood Shareef Padh lein.
  • Dosto agar ap ne baki namaz nahi padi hain. To sab se pehle apko 5 time namazi banna hai.
  • Darood Shareef pdhne k baad jis shakas ko aap kabu mein karna chahte hen us shakas ka tassawur apne dil-o-jaan mein kar lein.
  • Ye pyar ko kabu karne ka wazifa krne ke baad ab aap ye dua 11000 time padhe.

     “Yaa Wududo Yaa Buddhou Ho Yaa Latipho Yaa Allaho”

  • Is dua ko 11000 Martba padhein lekin yaad rahe ap hamesha us shakas ko apne zehan mein rakhein jiske liye aap ye sab kar rahe ho.
  • Jab aap ye dua 11000 dafa padh lo to phir se 21 dafa Darood Shareef padhein.
  • In Sha Allah Allah, apki madad zarur krega. Kisi ko hasil karne ka wazifa ap 3 4 din kriye agr apko kuch faida hasil na ho to aisa aap tab tak kriye jab tak apko faida na pahunche. In Sha Allah faida milega bs Allah par bhrosa rkhna aap.

Ye jitne bhi mene apko upar steps btaye hain to in steps mein apki query kisi ko apne kabu mein karne ka tarika solve ho jaegi.

Insan ko kabu karne ka Tarika

You don’t have to design any approaches for insan ko kabu karne ka tarika. because it requires a lot of effort and a strong will to deal with eternal powers and control them. Then only a person will be capable of designing insan ko kabu karne ka tarika.

But instead of getting into kisi ko apne kabu mein karne ka wazifa‘s procedure, which will not assure you an outcome, you can make contact with dua taweez karne wale maulana, who is also a mufti, and ask for the problems, and on that basis, we will give you the accurate procedure that will allow you to get control over any person. So contact him now for the easy kisi ko kabu karne ka tarika.

किसी को काबू करने का तरीका

In Islam, it is not right or okay to try to control or change the actions or behavior of another person in any way, including with spells or incantations. In Islam, individuals have free will and are responsible for their actions. Trying to force someone else to do something against their will is not right.

Islam teaches that relationships should be based on mutual love, respect, and understanding. If there is a problem in a relationship, it should be addressed through open and honest communication, dialogue, and compromise. If issues cannot be resolved, it’s recommended that you seek guidance from an Islamic scholar or counselor.

It’s important to remember that everyone has free will and can make their own choices. It’s important to respect the choices of others and to act in a manner that follows the teachings of Islam.

It’s also important to remember that any form of manipulation or coercion is not permissible in Islam, and one should always strive to treat others with kindness, compassion, and respect.

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