Wazifa for Husband Job (Shohar ki Job ki Dua)

wazifa for job husband

Wazifa for Husband Job

In today’s world, the inflation is increasing day by day thats way everyone wants a good job to earn a lot of money. People wants to enjoy each and every moment of life with friends and family. They wants to do a lot of things like:- parties, travelling, outings and many more. These all can’t be possible without a good job, which will pay you a lot. You know that without job, status and money nobody is yours and you can’t do anything. We are not encouraging you to make money in unethical way. A good job can also fulfill all your requirements of life.

wazifa for job husband
wazifa for job husband

In muslim astrology there are so many wazifa dus that can help your husband to get a job. People using wazifa for husband job are getting benefits from this islamic way. This husband job wazifa will double your efforts, which you are doing to get a good job. Always earn money in honest way to live a happy life.through which you can live a comfortable and secure way. Wazifa for husband job is the simplest way as compared to other methods of get a high paying job.

Shohar Ki Achhi Job Ke Liye Dua

You know brothers and sisters, in the eye of almighty ALLAH, the relation and love between husband and wife is the best thing and when husband needs wife’s help than In Sha Allah wife will be there and when wife needs husband’s help than In Sha Allah husband will be there. I know there is get time when your husband don’t have good job or sometime he has no job, I mean jobless and even if he is trying so lot but still he doesn’t find any good job.

Even if your shohar is having a job but your job is not permanent and secure. You can get benefits from shohar ki job le liye dua by consulting Maulana ji. He is a famous astrologer and will tell the dua for your shohar job. By using that job hua you and your husband will get benefits.

With the help of this dua you and your husband will get some benefits. You know brothers and sisters, in the eye of almighty ALLAH, the relation and love between husband and wife is the best thing. So don’t ever try to break this relation and if sometime you got some trouble then just control yourself. Now let’s talk about this dua.

This dua is so powerful. It doesn’t matter, what’s wrong with your relation or your husband doesn’t get the job. But after applying this dua, In Sha Allah your husband will easily get the job and after that, you and your husband will live your with joy and happiness. This dua is so simple and easy to understand and follow, here you just have to follow these simple tips.

Here is that shohar ki job ke liye dua :-

NOTE :- You have to recite this ayat after offering an ISHA’s NAMAZ  and after finish your namaz, you just have to sit on Massalla and turn face to KHANA KHABA and then just think of your husband. Now follow these points which are given below

  1. Recite Darood Shareef 11 times.
  2. After this, you just have to recite “Ya Samiy’u” for 180 times.
  3. After this, you just have to recite “Ya Wasi’u” for 137 times.
  4. After this, you just have to recite “Ya Razaaquu’u” for 308 times.
  5. In last, Recite 11 Times Darood Shareef and 4 Qul. In Sha Allah you will get results in few days.

Do this daily and and In Sha Allah ALLAH will help you and give your husband a better job.

After reciting the shohar ki job ki dua, you will see that your husband(shohar) has got a job as per the experience and qualification. This dua and wazfia will make a lot to make a easy path for your husband to get job. Once your husband get a good job after that your golden times starts for a wife.

Final Words:

So my brothers and sisters, here in this article I told you the wazifa for husband job and if you have any doubt then comment your query, we will reply your question as soon as possible.

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