Dua to Get your Lost Love Back

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Dua for get love back: Do you want to get your lost love back in your life again? Are you suffering from any love problems, and now you are searching for solutions through dua, wazifas, taweez, vashikaran, black magic, etc.?

We know that spending time without love is the most challenging task. At that time, you can’t do your job correctly. You can’t trust anyone easily, and you can’t give time to your parents.

Now, you want to remove such feelings of love. If you don’t know how to get your lost love back very quickly, then you can consult with our Moulana Ji. He will surely help you solve all your love problems.

dua to get your lost love back

Maulana Ji is a reputed and experienced Muslim astrologer from India. He is also providing secure astrology services all over the world (UK, US, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, and Canada).

He is an expert in solving all kinds of lost love problems, which he does through kala jadu, love spells, and dua wazifas. We can understand your loss of love; that’s why we will never disappoint you.

Dua to Get Your Love Back

As we discussed above, losing your love is a grave concern for couples. A dua to get your love back can give you a fruitful result. You don’t start a fight with your mind.

Just contact Maulana Ji and tell them all the things that you are facing in love. Love relationship problems are common; almost 70% of the population of the world is struggling with lost love problems.

We don’t only offer this Rohani dua to get your love back but also help explain how to read it, how many times, etc. Before using this dua, you should talk to Maulana Ji to know the process in detail.

If you are a new visitor to @muslimistikhara and taking dua wazfia for the first time, then don’t stress. Maulana Ji will help you. This whole article relates to how you can quickly get your lost love back within a few minutes.

We ensure that after taking the benefits of this “get your love back dua, you will see positive results. Our most powerful astrology services and dua are used to solve love problems like getting your love back and many more. We are providing the benefits of various duas and wazifas per our valued visitors’ particular needs.

Most Effective Dua to Get My Love Back

Our dua for love back and wazfia expert, Maulana Ji, has spent several years in-depth studying Muslim astrology. He received numerous phone calls in a single day. Most of the calls are about love problems.

In Allah‘s loveable world, it is not a good thing if some have to face love issues. All customers value Muslimistikhara because it offers a genuine solution to their love-related issues.

To know the most effective dua to get love back, contact Maulana Ji. But if you don’t want to contact him, then please follow the process below:

We know that several problems come and go in people’s lives. In life, everybody has some problems, and everyone wants solutions to these problems. So, with the help of Dua, you can remove all those problems.


  • First of all, take a shower, and then do wudu
  • Start praying all five times Salah in a day
  • Do good things in life and always respect others
  • It doesn’t matter if that person is a kid or an adult
  • Always recite Surah Fatiha and make a dua for your lover
  • In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will give you lost love back in your life. Aameen!

Dua for lost love

Here is a commonly recited dua for lost love:

“Allahumma inni as’aluka bi haqqi anni wa haqqi muhammadin wa haqqi izze vasis salam, wa bi haqqi ‘ibaadikas saliheen, an taj’alal baaraka fee muhabbatika ila abdika (Name of the person), wa tardhahum ilayka wa tukabbirhum fee kulli halin wa tarhamhum, wa tushaffiqhum bi kulli khayrin, wa tusalli ala muhammadin wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa tawaffahum fee tariqil maghfirah.”

Translation: “Oh Allah, I ask of you with the truth of myself, the truth of Muhammad, the truth of the messengers, and the truth of your righteous servants, to place your blessings in your servant’s (name of the person) love for me, and to direct them towards me, to increase their love for me, to make them feel content and satisfied with me, and to grant me the blessings of companionship with them. “I also ask for you to pray for Muhammad and his family and companions and to grant them a path to forgiveness.”

How to get love back by dua?

In Islamic spirituality, dua, or prayer, is a powerful tool that can be used to seek help and guidance from Allah for various aspects of life, including love and relationships. If you are looking to get your lost love back, here is a dua that you can recite:

“Ya Allahu Ya Fattahu” (Translation: “O Allah, O Opener”)

To perform this powerful dua, follow these steps:

  1. Perform ablution (wudu) and sit in a quiet place.
  2. Recite Durood Sharif 11 times.
  3. Then recite the above-mentioned dua 100 times.
  4. After reciting the dua, recite Durood Sharif 11 more times.
  5. Finally, make a sincere dua to Allah to bring your lost love back to you.

It is recommended to recite this dua regularly, preferably at the same time each day, with clear intention and sincerity. It is important to have faith in Allah and trust that He will answer your prayers in the best way possible.

Along with performing this dua, it is also essential to take practical steps to reconcile with your loved one and address any issues that may have led to the separation. Communication, forgiveness, and compromise are some of the key factors that can help in rekindling love and rebuilding the relationship.

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