Islamic Dua for Love and Attraction

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To sort out every type of love and attraction problem, dua is the most effective way. It not only solves love- and attraction-related issues, but it can also help with marriage-related issues. A dua’s connection is direct from Allah. It should be recited with a pure heart. It works the same as any Wazifa. Dua is used in the same way that some people use innallaha yusmiu mayasha hu wazifa. A dua can change your life. If you want to solve your problems, recite the dua from the heart and pray to Allah. He is always with you.

Dua for Love and Attraction

Dua for love and attraction is extremely used to attract someone or make someone love you. If you love someone and want to attract him or her, then you have to take advantage of this dua. With the help of this dua, you can attract others and appear attractive among your loved ones. Dua has had a great effect on the lives of everyone. People who used this service are now living happily and comfortably. From their mouths, they say this is an amazing way and that it starts showing positive results within a few minutes.

Dua for Love Attraction

This dua is beneficial to any lover, whether a husband or a wife, or for any other reason. This is an Islamic dua for love and attraction. This dua is one of the most powerful duas to bring every couple closer, whether husband, wife, or others. I agree that there are a lot of problems in life, both inside and outside the home.

As we know, when you wash pots in the kitchen, it makes noise, so that’s why, in any relationship, there are some problems, and sometimes these problems get so big. But Allah has given us every solution in the Quran. Every solution is available for every problem; we just have to research it.

Here are the steps of dua for love and attraction:

  • First, go to the washroom, take a shower, and then do a proper Wudu.
  • After Wudu, Sit in a calm place where no one will disturb you and then Read this dua 303 times. The dua is given below:-

Ya Wadudu Ya Raufu Ya Raheemu and innallaha yusmiu mayasha hu meaning in English

یم رح یا رؤوف یا ودود یا

After reading this innallaha yusmiu mayasha hu meaning in Urdu, you just have to think of your love partner and make a dua to Allah, and, insha’Allah, Allah will listen to your dua and make that person part of your life. This wazifa is also known as the innallaha yusmiu mayasha wazifa.

Islamic Dua for Attraction

In this dua, you just have to say some kind of Islamic prayer. Speaking a prayer is very simple, but you just have to take care of how many times and in what period you need to read it. If you do not take care of this thing, you may get into big trouble. Read the important note given below in this article to learn more about it. Islamic dua for attraction has made the lives of many people more colorful than before. People who benefit from this attraction will never forget it. They always thank @muslimistikhara for making their boring lives colorful. This attraction has saved many people.

The thing that looks good always attracts attention. In modern society, everyone is also searching for a good-looking partner. If you are in one-sided love with anyone, then you have to attract him or her to live your whole life with that person. You need to spend so much money and time on quality beauty products and salon services. On the other hand, you can also take advantage of Islamic astrology. There are numerous compelling reasons to make the face attractive. We are not saying that you cannot attract anyone with beauty products. But we can say that dua for attraction on face will surely help attract someone to your face.

This is an Islamic dua for attraction and you have to follow some of these simple steps. After applying this dua, you can easily attract anyone. This dua is so simple, and you just have to recite some other duas like Darood Shareef and so on.

Here is that powerful Islamic Dua for Attraction and its steps:

NOTE: You must perform this amal after ISHA’s Namaz and FAZAR’s Namaz; simply sit on Massalla, turn to Khana Khaba, and think of the man or woman you desire in your life. Now Come to these points, which are given below

  • Before Dua, you have to recite the Darood Shareef 11 times, and after that, you recite this Ayat 777 times, not less than 777 times, and keep that person in your mind and heart whom you want to bring back into your life.
  • Now, this Ayat is given as, so recite it:

Innallaha Yusmaiu Mayash Ahu for 777 times

  • After that again Recite 11 times Darood Shareef.

After reciting this, you just have to make a strong dua for love, and in Sha Allah, Allah will help you. You will be successful in attracting that special someone. So don’t worry about this dua and leave it to Almighty Allah.

Important Note Before Doing This – Must Read

Read the note above, and if you are facing any type of problem, then contact Molvi Sahab now.

Dua for love

Here is a dua (prayer) for love and unity in Islam:

“Rabbi inni limaa anzalta ilayya min khairin faqeer”

Translation: “My Lord, indeed, I need whatever good You would send down to me.”

This dua is from the Quran (Surah Al-Muminun, verse 24), and it’s a supplication for seeking help and blessings and asking for the good things in life. Whether in a romantic relationship or any other kind of relationship, anyone who is looking for love and unity can recite this dua.

It’s important to note that in Islam, love, unity, and harmony should be based on mutual respect, understanding, and compassion. It’s also important to remember that dua (prayer) is a powerful tool in Islam. One can always ask Allah (SWT) to guide one’s heart toward the right path and to grant one understanding and compassion towards others.

It’s also important to remember that dua should be done to seek the pleasure of Allah and should be done according to the teachings of Islam.

Innallaha yusmiu mayasha hu meaning

The phrase “InnAllaha Yusmi’u Mayyasha’u” is an Arabic phrase from the Quran that means “Verily, Allah hears all things and sees all things” (Surah Al-Hajj, Verse 75). It emphasizes that Allah is all-hearing and all-seeing and that nothing is hidden from Him. This phrase is often recited as a reminder of Allah’s omnipotence and as an expression of faith in His power and knowledge.


Q. What is the dua for true love?

Ans. You have to recite various duas shown in the above, but ya raufu benefits and ya raufu ya raheemu benefits are so many that you can also chant them in your duas and get results.

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