Kisi Ko Apna Diwana Banane Ki Dua, Wazifa and Amal

kisi ko apna banane ka wazifa

Kisi ko Apna Banane ka Wazifa Kisi ko apni mohabbat mein deewana banane ka wazifa: Assalamualaikum, my brothers and sisters! Bismillah Hirrahma Nirrahim. Love is a part of our lives; without it, everything in this world would be like a ship in the sea without a driver. But sometimes our lover doesn’t understand us, and … Read more

Kisi Ko Kabu Karne ka Amal, Dua and Wazifa

kisi ko kabu karne ka amal

Bhut sari situation esi hoti hai jinme apka control nahi hota or is wajah se wo apko nuksaan de sakti hai. Tab apko mahsoos hota hai ki kaash mere paas kisi ko kabu karne ka amal, dua ya wazifa hota. Ye apko jindgi me kisi mod par bhi lag sakta hai. Agar aap kisi se … Read more

Wazifa for Husband Job (Shohar ki Job ki Dua)

wazifa for job husband

Wazifa for Husband Job Wazifa for job for husband: In today’s world, inflation is increasing day by day, which is why everyone wants a good job to earn a lot of money. People want to enjoy every moment of life with friends and family. They want to do a lot of things, like go to … Read more

Dushman Ko Halak Karne Ka Wazifa

Dushman ko Halka Karne Ka Wazifa

Dushman ko zair karne ka wazifa: There are many different dushman ko halak karne ka amal for people to kill their enemies in this world. Alternatively, various bad people are destroying God’s beautiful world. They are not living comfortably, nor are they relying on others to live an enjoyable life. The major motive of those … Read more

Shohar ki Mohabbat Pane ki Dua

Shohar ki mohabbat pane ki dua

Shohar ki mohabbat ki dua will produce a trigger of faith; thus, it is a popular way to bring your husband back when they are getting trapped in a love affair with other women. With the help of this strong Shohar ki mohabbat ki dua, you can regain the love and attention of your husband. … Read more

Dua to Marry Someone of Your Choice or a Specific Person

dua to marry someone of your choice

Dua to marry the person you want: Are you in love? And have you decided to spend the rest of your life with the person of your choice? Do you feel happy with that specific person? In love, choose a partner based not only on their attractive face and personality but also their character. Here, … Read more

Dua to Break Up a Couple or Separate Two Persons

dua to breakup a couple

Dua to break up a couple: Is your husband or wife in a relationship with someone else? Or do you know that your partner is in a relationship with someone else? Do you want him or her to have a relationship only with you? If he or she is in relationships with others, do you … Read more

Dua to Make Someone Agree For Marriage

dua to make someone agree

Istikhara dua for marriage: Marriage is the union of two souls that Allah, the Almighty, has merged in heaven. We can say it is the beginning of time for both partners to live with one another. There is nothing wrong if someone wants to marry the person he or she loves because he wants to … Read more

Apne Pyaar ko Pane ki Dua, Amal and Wazifa

apne pyar ko pane ki dua

Kisi ko pane ki dua: Mohabbat me ladai, jhagde, takraar ek aam baat hai. Lekin kai baar yeh choti choti ladaiyaan or jhagde bada roop le leti hai. Isi ka parinaam rehta hai ki apka apne premi ya prmeika se break up ho jata hai. Agar rishte mein sacha pyaar rehta hai, to alag hone … Read more

Dua to Increase Love between Husband Wife

dua to increase love between husband and wife copy

Are you finding the best solution to increasing love in a marriage? If you’ve tried everything to increase your love but keep failing, you should try our dua to increase love in marriage once, and we hope you will not need to find any other solution. We will tell you the best way to increase … Read more

Shohar se Talaq Lene ka Islamic Wazifa

shoshar se talaq lene ka islamic wazifa

Not every person may find a suitable partner for married life. Many people generally fall into an unwanted relationship, which becomes a bottleneck later in their lives. Sometimes the husband gets a good wife, and other times, the wife gets a good husband. Marriage is the most critical relationship for every human being. If there … Read more

Powerful Dua for Getting Wife Back

Powerful Dua for getting wife back

Dua to Bring Your Wife Back Dua for wife back: Every husband wants a wife who will listen to him, respect him, give him time, and take care of him. This dream of a husband does not always come true because some husbands have wives who live their lives against their husbands. Many husbands want … Read more